General & Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Cornerstone Dental Group offers a broad range of dental services to cater to patients of all ages. We work to ensure a comfortable and relaxing experience by using state-of-the-art technology and providing the finest care for our patients. By knowing how to identify the reasoning for health issues surfacing, our dentist and staff allows our patients success on the way to achieving long-term dental health.

We proudly offer some of the best comprehensive dental services in the Westford Massachusetts area. Our patients trust our doctors and staff to deliver all of their dental health needs. From routine cleanings to a smile restoration, we are here to help.


Cosmetic Dental Care

Cosmetic dental care includes procedures that upgrade the appearance of one’s teeth while simultaneously benefiting their overall oral health as well. We can alter the shape and size of teeth, as well as do whitening treatments to make them sparkle. Cosmetic dentistry is also used to straighten teeth, repair damage, and replace missing teeth. Our cosmetic dental treatments will help restore your teeth back to their proper functionality. If any cosmetic treatment piques your interest, do not hesitate to call our office. We will go over all the possible ways to enhance your smile.

Dental Procedures

We treat all our patients in an extremely professional manner for any dental procedure- from simple cleanings to more complex oral procedures. While brushing and flossing at home is important, adult teeth can still suffer permanent damage and decay. We design our dental procedures to help restore, replace or repair teeth back to their proper functionality. We would be happy to treat any issues you wish to confront when you schedule an appointment with us.

Dental Services

From simple checkups to deep gum cleanings, we tackle it all here at Cornerstone Dental Group. The first thing we will do at a  checkup is examine the teeth and determine if there are any oral health risks. Once assessing the patient’s teeth, we will recommend the treatment method best suited for their needs. At a routine appointment, we will clean the teeth, gums, and mouth to ensure that the patient finds oral health success. We will make sure to answer any questions the patient has before the procedure.

Helpful Dental Information

Keeping up with proper cleaning at home is crucial in maintaining strong oral health! We make it our goal to understand your at-home cleaning routine so that we can provide any help on keeping your gums and teeth as healthy as they can be. Do you floss at least once a day? If not, you could be missing those spots that brushing even twice a day cannot reach! Keeping up a proper brushing/flossing schedule can really help in fighting off infection and decay. When combining proper home care with regular dental check ups (we suggest coming in bi-annualy) we can help determine any early indications of oral problems before they worsen! Please give us a call or schedule an appointment to address any oral health concerns you may have, we want to be the reason you smile!