Orthodontics Westford, MA

Cornerstone Dental Group provides teeth straightening and jaw alignment services for patients of all ages. Orthodontics is the study and treatment of dental displacement and malocclusions. We are able to address any jaw-related concerns, as well as moving and altering crooked teeth- even if they are fully developed and hardened. Orthodontics is not just for kids, adults are now able to have their teeth straightened as well. 

There are some orthodontics that specialize in only treating children, due to how advanced orthodontics has become. Dentofacial orthopedics is a branch of orthodontics that covers more surgical procedures to repair issues occurring with the jaw or face. An orthodontist in Massachusetts works typically to correct the position of teeth and the jaw, in addition to working on the overall form and appearance of a patient’s face. Orthodontic treatment can give our patients dramatic results, leaving our patients at Cornerstone Dental Group pleasantly surprised. 

orthodontics westford ma

Why Orthodontics is Necessary

We often notice that many kids come in with overcrowding dental concerns, requiring the help of an orthodontist. Overcrowding can lead to teeth growing improperly or crookedly, which will cause dental problems later in life. 

When a baby loses a tooth prematurely, be it accidentally or due to a lack of proper oral hygiene, the teeth around it move into the empty space. This can disrupt the curvature of the palate, blocking the necessary space for the adult tooth to properly come in. While many people used to undergo tooth extractions to make room in the mouth for permanent teeth, we are now able to use different treatment approaches to make space in the mouth for the teeth.

When a patient comes in with a misaligned jaw, our orthodontist can treat them here at Cornerstone Dental Group. A misaligned jaw can affect one’s ability to speak, chew, and simply open their mouth. Routine daily activities are difficult to perform when a patient notices their bite is off, so they often seek treatment. If the situation arises, we offer solutions for teeth that have grown in crookedly despite the availability of space. All of these concerns can be addressed with an orthodontic treatment plan. 

The Procedure

There are various options available to those looking to straighten their teeth. Whatever option you choose, the teeth are moved into place by an appliance that exerts steady pressure over time – this is not an instant fix. With your custom plan, we’ll move specific teeth at a time rather than all of them at once in order to prevent any possible injury to your mouth. 

Most patients will require a retainer once they’ve completed their treatment. Kids may only need a retainer for a short time, but adults will likely need to wear their retainer for the rest of their lives to maintain the tooth positioning.

Treatment Options

Spacers and Expanders

Spacers and expanders may be used prior to or alongside metal braces, and are great for dealing with overcrowding issues. 

Metal Braces

Metal braces are more comfortable and less noticeable than they were in the past – so no need to fear if this option winds up being the best for your needs! A system of brackets and wires helps move the teeth into place over time. 

Clear Aligners

A modern marvel of dental technology, clear aligners are removable appliances and are practically invisible when worn. This makes for easy brushing and flossing, eating, and even smiling! But because these trays are removable – you must be sure you’re consistent and wearing them exactly as instructed.