Types of Filllings Offered by a Kid Friendly Dentist in Westford

Posted on: August 23, 2019

Choosing a Kid Friendly Dentist in Westford by a child’s first birthday introduces them to professional cleanings and the importance of proper oral hygiene at a young age. Even with good brushing habits and regular dental checkups, cavities are still a relatively common problem in children. Some parents may feel uncertain about how to move forward when a new cavity is discovered in their child’s teeth. Understanding the benefits of fillings and the options available can make the experience less overwhelming.

The importance of treating cavities in baby teeth

Since baby teeth will eventually fall out, many parents may think it is not necessary to treat childhood cavities. While there may be some rare instances when a dentist may recommend leaving a cavity alone, it is often critical to stop the decay quickly. The initial investment is typically more cost-effective than the expense of more extensive work in the future. Choosing a Kid Friendly Dentist in Westford can help ease any concerns about the fear and discomfort associated with these procedures. They usually offer techniques that are geared towards children’s specific needs at this early stage of life.

Treatment options for fillings in children

The two most common types of materials used in children’s fillings are composite and amalgam. It is important for parents to discuss these options with their Kid Friendly Dentist in Westford to decide which option is best for their child. In addition, parents should research their dental insurance policy and find out which choice has the best financial coverage. Some companies may only cover certain materials depending on the policy and the patient’s age.

Composite Fillings

When a child is older or has a cavity towards the front of the mouth in a visible location, a dentist may recommend a composite filling made from resin and porcelain. This material is made to match the natural color of the teeth and is less noticeable when complete. Composite fillings offer solid protection against future decay but do not typically last as long as their amalgam counterparts. While this option is more aesthetically pleasing, it is also the more expensive selection.

Amalgam Fillings

For younger children or for cavities located towards the back of the mouth, most dentists will recommend an amalgam filling, which is made from a combination of copper, silver, mercury and tin. This filling material is cheaper and more durable than composite fillings, so it is typically the smarter choice for a child who is tough on their teeth. However, amalgam fillings are more noticeable due to their dark color.


When a child develops a cavity, it is important to see a Kid Friendly Dentist in Westford promptly. Although the tooth is not a permanent one, it is usually necessary to treat the cavity with either a composite or amalgam filling to stop the decay and prevent further complications and pain. While there are pros and cons to both types of fillings, a professional can help parents make the wisest decision for their child’s treatment based on cost, appearance and durability.

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