Should I Get Partial Dentures or a Bridge?

Posted on: December 11, 2019

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Want to understand the benefit of choosing either partial dentures or a dental bridge? The first thing you need to take into consideration is how many teeth you need replaced, as well as what the processes are to have these options placed in your mouth. Also, in order to make the most ideal choice, you need to understand how each option will fit into your lifestyle.

Research your options

Finding out whether partial dentures or bridges are ideal to address your particular dental situation is important. Many patients will base any necessary dental decisions on the most popular treatment option, which is not always the ideal choice for them. When you take the time to research treatments, you will understand everything there is to know about any particular option, allowing you to make an educated decision.

About partial dentures

A removable partial denture is used to replace missing teeth and stays in place by attaching to remaining teeth using special dental metal clasps. Partial dentures are specifically made for each dental patient, in order to ensure an ideal fit. Partial dentures need to fit the patient properly because if they does not, it can negatively affect the patient’s overall bite. This is why it is important for those who are thinking about choosing partial dentures to find an experienced dentist to design and create their partial dentures. Partial denture benefits include the fact that they are natural-looking, strong and durable, easy to care for and comfortable to wear.

About dental bridges

A dental bridge is similar to a removable partial denture except that dental bridges are not removable. Instead, they are permanently cemented into place, which means they are often called a permanent bridge or a fixed bridge. A dental professional must reshape the teeth that the dental bridge will be connected to, as this allows for a custom-fit restoration. There are a few different dental materials that a patient can choose from, including all-porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, gold, silver, metal and zirconia. Dental bridge benefits include being natural-looking, strong and durable and comfortable to wear.

Which one to pick?

While every dental patient is different, partial dentures are often an ideal option for those who have experienced tooth loss and gum tissue damage. Partial dentures are also a great option for those whose remaining teeth are not strong enough to support a fixed dental bridge. Because partial dentures can be removed, it also makes them easier to clean. Dental bridges are a good choice for patients whose remaining teeth are strong and healthy and can, therefore, support this type of restorative framework.

A partial denture or a dental bridge?

Have you decided if partial dentures are the right choice for you? Or maybe you are thinking a dental bridge is a better option? Whether you have already made your choice or need a little more information from a dental professional, we are here for you. Remember, a healthy mouth is one that has a full set of teeth, so the sooner you call us, the better!

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