Popular Dental Makeovers for Busy People

Posted on: July 16, 2018

Interested in getting a dental makeover but just keep putting it off because you can never find the time? That is all about to change. Now there are many makeover options available that can be completed in only one or two dental appointments! Many people are looking into their makeover options nowadays because they know that there have been recent dental advances that can allow them to have the smile they have always wanted. In order for you to get your makeover, you will first need to make a consultation appointment so you can discuss exactly what you want to include in your makeover.

Popular dental makeovers for busy people

The following is a list of some of the more popular dental makeovers available for busy people. The reason why these dental makeovers are chosen is that they can often be performed in only one or two dental visits.

Makeover choice #1 – getting teeth straightened. Straight teeth really make for a pleasant smile. While there are a few options for braces these days, busy people who are in need of braces are often choosing invisible braces. Nearly invisible braces are not only more aesthetically pleasing, they are also able to straighten teeth in a shorter amount of time.

Makeover choice #2 – replacing silver fillings with white fillings. Silver fillings have been used for many years, which means that many adults who had cavities when they were younger are going to have silver fillings in their mouth. Now the option to replace them with white fillings is available. White fillings are made to match a patients tooth color, which allows for a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Makeover choice #3 – choosing porcelain veneers to cover up any small tooth imperfections. Using porcelain veneers is a popular makeover option as they can make a tooth look brand new. The porcelain veneer process usually takes only two dental visits.

Ready to make an appointment for your makeover?

If you are ready to get your dental makeover so that you never feel self-conscious when showing your teeth, all you have to do is call us right now so we can make you an appointment. If you happen to have a number of dental issues that need to be addressed, the sooner you contact us the better. We do not want your dental issues to get worse and that is why we encourage our dental patients to come and see us as soon as they experience any type of dental problem. When you call us, just let us know that you are very busy so we can do our best to accommodate you quickly.


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