Is Tooth Dentin Important?

Posted on: February 2, 2019

Looking for information on the importance of tooth dentin? Good idea. While most people tend to understand how important the enamel of a tooth is, there is not much information on the importance of a tooth’s dentin.

According to the American Dental Association, your teeth are composed of four dental tissues. Three of these tissues are hard tissues: Enamel, dentin and cementum. The fourth dental tissue is a soft tissue and is known as the pulp of the tissue, which contains the tooth’s nerves, blood vessels and other connective tissues. All four components are important to the overall health of the tooth, as they help protect the tooth from damage.

What is tooth dentin?

A tooth’s dentin refers to the layer of a tooth that is found directly underneath the enamel. The dentin is made up of multiple layers of tissues and is what can be seen if someone’s gums start to recede. Because the layers of dentin are quite delicate, when they are exposed, it often leads to someone experiencing various levels of discomfort and/or actual tooth pain. The dentin of a tooth is what determines the size, shape and color of a tooth.

When dentin is exposed

There are a few reasons someone would have exposed dentin, which will eventually cause them discomfort or pain, as exposed dentin leads to sensitive teeth. The following is a short list of causes for exposed dentin: Being diagnosed with periodontal disease, grinding or clenching teeth, experiencing some form of trauma, brushing teeth too hard and erosion.

Is tooth dentin important?

Yes, the dentin of a tooth is very important. The fact that dentin is made up of calcified tissue, which is mostly minerals, means that it not only helps keep the enamel of a tooth super strong, but it also supports the overall structure of the tooth, including the pulp, a very important job. One of the great things about a tooth’s dentin is that, unlike enamel, which never can be replaced, the dentin of a tooth keeps growing throughout one’s lifetime.

Are your teeth healthy?

How is the health of your tooth dentin? The dentin of your teeth is just as important as the enamel of your teeth, making it essential that you take proper care of your teeth in order to protect all of its components. Every part of your tooth is important to its health, and with proper brushing, flossing and making regular dental appointments, you are sure to experience a lifetime of healthy teeth.

If you are currently experiencing problems with the dentin of your teeth or have tooth sensitivity that is causing you discomfort or pain, then seeking the assistance of a dental professional as soon as possible is highly recommended.

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