How Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Can Help a Gummy Smile

Posted on: July 15, 2019

Cosmetic dentistry can be used to fix flaws in the teeth and gums, improving the appearance of a person's smile and restore their self-confidence, which is why more people are going to dentists for cosmetic procedures. One of the problems that cosmetic dentistry can fix is a gummy smile.

What is a gummy smile?

A gummy smile is what occurs when gum tissues line a person's mouth and surround their teeth, which leads to an excessive amount of gum showing under their upper lip when they smile. Most gummy smiles occur naturally, but some are the result of other dental conditions and require the help of a dental professional.

Even though a gummy smile does not affect people's ability to chew or speak, it affects their appearance and may make them reluctant to smile in public, which affects their confidence.

What are the common causes of gummy smiles?

There are many factors that can contribute to a gummy smile; knowing the cause can help a dentist find the best solution.


A gummy smile can be caused by genetics, which means if one of the parents has a gummy smile, the chances of their children having one as well are very high. 

Overgrowth of gum tissue

This is when the gums bulge outwards and can cause the upper lip to thin, which exposes more of the gums than usual.

Tooth eruption

When adult teeth start to erupt and the teeth do not erupt properly, they will likely remain covered by the gums, leaving the person with a gummy smile.

Cosmetic dentistry options

When it comes to treating gummy smiles, there are a few cosmetic dentistry options to choose from, including:

Crown lengthening

This is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures used to fix gummy smiles. The procedure involves reshaping the gum and bone tissue to the extent that more of the natural tooth is exposed than the gums. Even though the procedure can be performed by hand, most dentists prefer using a laser to perform the crown lengthening because it is more precise than the human hand and bleeding is minimum.

Orthodontic treatment

If the teeth need to be moved to correct the gummy smile, the dentist will suggest using orthodontic devices to fix the problem. This means the patient will likely have to wear braces on their teeth until the teeth and jaw move into a better position.


If the dentist determines that other treatment options will not be very effective, they will suggest fixing the problem with corrective surgery.

Before the dentist can recommend the best treatment procedure for their patients, they will examine their mouth to determine the extent of the gummy smile then make their recommendation based on the evaluation. If the problem is not too bad, it might not require surgery to fix.


Having a gummy smile ruins your appearance and has a negative impact on your self-confidence. If you have a gummy smile and want to get it fixed, schedule an appointment with your dentist to determine the best cosmetic dentistry procedure to fix your smile.

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