Denture Repair: Options for Replacing a Chipped Denture Tooth

Posted on: August 10, 2019

Denture repairs are needed more frequently than people think. These delicate oral appliances are meant to last forever, but accidents happen that can cause a need for repair. One of the most common denture repair needs is when an artificial tooth becomes chipped on the row of dentures. A chipped artificial tooth is no better than a chipped natural tooth! 

Replacement options for a chipped denture tooth are available. It is likely that an attempt at a denture repair will first take place to determine whether or not the dentures are even salvageable.

Denture repair: replacement options for a chipped denture tooth

In this article, we highlight some chipped tooth denture replacement options so that anyone with a damaged denture can be prepared for the next steps. Read on to find out what to do with your chipped denture.

Dental lab

When a denture becomes chipped, it is likely that a repair will be needed. Denture repairs should always be handled by a dentist, as they are the experts. It is most common that the dentures will be sent off to a dental lab in order to be repaired. In the event that a denture tooth becomes chipped, the lab technician should be able to use composite resin to fill the chip in and restore the damage that was done.

In the event that the chip on the denture tooth is only minor, then a dentist may even be able to repair it through a dental bonding procedure. This could also involve the use of composite resin to reattach the piece that chipped off. However, this would only work if the chipped piece was brought in too.

Complete replacement

In some situations, a denture repair may not be possible but instead, a complete replacement may have to take place. When dentures chip, they are usually salvageable, but sometimes, the chip is severe enough that the entire appliance may be at risk of shattering. When this is the case, the dentures ought to be replaced to avoid further damage and risk.

At-home adhesives

Although most dentists advise against it, there are at-home denture repair kits that can be bought in stores. If a person experiences a chip in a denture tooth that needs attention, then these kits may help perform the repair. These at-home adhesive kits are only recommended for emergency situations, as they can also induce their own damages if not administered properly. Ultimately though, it is best to see a dentist about any denture damage.

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