Dental Crowns Can Repair Your Smile

Posted on: October 12, 2019

Are you considering getting dental crowns? Issues like cracked teeth, decayed fillings or unsightly discoloration can cause so much pain and misery, but thankfully, dental crowns can help. Professionally fitted dental crowns can repair a smile and protect teeth from further damage in the process.

What is a dental crown?

The American Dental Association defines crowns as a cover or "cap" your dentist can place on your tooth. A crown really is just a covering, but more importantly a tight-fitting, expertly placed covering. A crown covers the entirety of the tooth that it is placed on. A crown is usually made of resilient materials like porcelain (which matches the color of teeth) or metal alloys. The end result is a strengthened, natural-looking tooth.

How crowns are produced

The creation of a crown is a modern marvel in many respects. First, a patient’s tooth has a small amount of its surface removed by a dentist, taking any exterior decay along with it. Then, a mold is made of the tooth. This can be done by using a physical mold which the patient bites down on, or can be done by means of a digital scan. This mold is used to fabricate a crown that perfectly matches the tooth, ensuring a tight and protective fit. After this, a temporary crown is fitted before the permanent crown is cemented in the mouth, typically at a later date.

How can dental crowns fix a smile?

Since dental crowns are a highly personalized, involved procedure, they carry some amazing benefits along to your smile.

Crowns can restore a smile to its former beauty

After a crown is fitted, especially over a tooth with visible issues like cracks or decay, a smile will show a noticeable improvement. This is because a crown is usually made of porcelain that matches the color of a healthy tooth, and the crown is shaped exactly like a full, healthy tooth. Visible damage to teeth is covered by the perfectly molded and colored dental crown, instantly giving a smile an aesthetic boost. In some cases, just one crown on the right tooth can improve the look of a smile so much that it appears as if there was never an issue.

Dental issues can be resolved and prevented

A crown’s restorative effects are not just limited to superficial appearance, either. The Cosmetic Dentistry Institute further highlights crowns as a great option for damaged teeth because of their dental health benefits. These include a crown’s ability to hold broken teeth together, protect root canal-treated teeth from infection, act as an anchor for other work like bridges, and cover a tooth from further damage or infection.

In short, a dental crown is a highly effective shield and structural addition to teeth. Physical repair, protection from further damage or infection and a solid base for any other dental work that might be necessary is truly an overall victory for any smile.

Ready to take the next step?

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